Sunday, October 28, 2012

Love is Holding it All

Here is a taste of what you will hear in the full video with Ananta and I. It is a new look into the feminine and a responsibility for both the love and the emotion that goes hand and hand with that love. Awakened ladies, be the embracing mother for all of mankind.

Face the World Collective Drama with Ananta

The power of words. This is such a powerful excerpt and it both explains and points to the way out of the whole of human drama. This is the collective under which yoke we are all pulling. 

2nd Face2Face Circle of Friends of ETTV

With this Hangout series I begin to see how rich and what depth there is in every contact we make on every day of our lives.
So often we focus only on spoken content, or whether by our internal agreement or disagreement we have defined this person as "friend or foe".
We look at whether we should be antagonistic or supportive before we even begin.
This ‘rigid’ listening seems absent from these hangouts.

Yes we also have great content, but we are reaching new levels of authenticity and honesty.
We are finding untapped comfortable self acceptance, to stand in front of each other and give and receive without a guard or barrier.
In that action we can know ourselfs at greater depth.
I am so honored to be in your midst, and take my organizer role as a complete honor.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ananta on the Patterns of Conditioning

Are we all here to allow the whole of Humanity to Flow Full-on through this (my) Human Form?  Can we say Yes to that?  Is that what Awakening actually is?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Art of Pairing-Extraordinary Relationship

What better way to see life than through the eyes of our partner.

We want to talk with couples world wide and share what works for us, to stay out of reaction and continouosly build our love. It can't help spilling over into all of our life.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Face2Face, 5-way Dialogue

Sunday I had the delightful pleasure of hanging out with 4 other forum members in 5 countries and 3 continents.

We were sharing on a topic close to our hearts, but I couldn’t help notice that something deeper was taking place, a meeting of 5 hearts. … What does it mean to really ‘receive another?’ … 
With all our differences, one thing we have in common is our apparent willingness to see who we are.  I believe Face2Face must be a "next level" for our forum sharing.  I have been focusing on this since I organized for ten of us to appear on Never Not Here in these previous months.  Now with Hangouts we can take matters into our own hands.
Let's develop our listening skills, learn to take lightly our trigger points, learn where to apply our sharp wit and/or a loving acceptance.  Let's get more of you onto the next encounter.  Let's drop our self critic and take a chance to bask in love.  Some regulars and surely priority for some new faces.  After all, there are 10 slots in the Hangout format and we are not creating a "panel of experts".
Whomever feels the calling, drop me a line.  Depending on the response, is every 2 weeks a good rhythm?  
reenahsun (at)

Love from Reenah and the gang.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Every Justification we Tell Ourselves . . . 

. . . is for the sole purpose of sticking us in our life as we know it.  If we are enjoying our day by day flow, sure keep the explanations going.  If we have any hint of suffering let's just tell ourself something a little different.

How many teachers say that we really can't know anything.  That is a state where there is no YOU.  It is pretty fast sledding for most of us.  

OK, let's also enjoy this apparent period in our lives, so make a few reasons to have it hang around a little.  But you get the picture, if it hurts, don't feed it.

How Long Do We Stay in Reaction . . .

Awakening isn't about never reacting.  But how long do you stay stuck in the mud?  I can think of times in my life were the same bog had me for 10 years.  Now I don't care to give that dirt 10 minutes.

Let's face it with brutal honesty, what is happening in our life is what we are most committed to.  This is obvious because it is where we insist on placing our attention.  Are we such robots that we are completely helpless on what grabs our attention?