Monday, January 21, 2013

Abuse and Victimhood, a Feminine Perspective

Canela Michelle Meyers and I discover Shamanic qualities of intensity.  
Such force cannot come out of inner volition, but seems to arrive from the outside.  
This is what we call abuse.  Women and girls have long been subject to this treatment in distorted sectors of our society.

Part of us believes that this treatment causes irreparable damage.  It seems logical.  
We don't want to have anything to do with it.  Yet we appear to be unscathed?
These subjects are little talked about, without blame.  
Certainly non-duality has its skillful means of jumping over anything distasteful, as long as it is reported for the other.  
When it is laid on us, we probably fall out of the non-duality crowd.

Listen to this wisdom.  If you have these nagging memories that recreate themselves and constantly seek justification in meaning and reasons, this video. along with part 2, are for you.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Respect for the “my (separate) Experience,” while Knowing the “One Human Essence” …

Unmani's creative expression of Love shines through in our meeting.  A relaxation unfolds while talking with her, and In this intimate dialogue we explore what is real right now.  Her words can ‘crack’ you open. 

Unmani says “I'm not interested in the kind of Non-duality in which you imagine yourself as a witness which is distant and removed from the ordinary personal play of life.”  Isn’t this what many of us often do?  If you look closely, something is being separated out as "not real", and that must be what we are most uncomfortable with.

The feminine expression of non-duality rests in the Silence.  This is what melts the belief in separation, just as all the round-about words try to do. This Silence has such a penetrating presence.  It is the destroyer of illusion and anything that is not real and true. It is not soft and fluffy, and it is not dry and logical.  It loves so much, that it chops the heads off both.