Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Integrity of the Heart" Julia Schlosser and Reenah Sun

This video with Julia and the previous one with Ananta are the beginning of my series on practical spirituality with the feminine principle.

I found Julia so mature, so felt, so transparently honest, and so inspiring. 
She spoke from a wisdom of experience, and has gone through her own fire of her body preparing to carry her awakening out into the world.

We even shared how the feminine awakening is an immense relief for the masculine, and frees his creativity and his sense of resting in the world.
How can we stand by each other to support the woman of the 21st century? 
How can we find our own authenticity and see from there the obviousness of our common dream?  How can we hold a collective vision and re-write the programming that our society mimics, so that our children can have fulfilling, sustainable lives?

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  1. Very warm person, Julia. Lovely, Reenah, interview.